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Killing Is My Business... (Deluxe Edition)

1. Last Rites/Loved to Deth
2. Killing is My Business...And Business is Good!
3. The Skull Beneath the Skin
4. Rattlehead
5. Chosen Ones
6. Looking Down the Cross
7. Mechanix
8. These Boots
9. Last Rites/Loved To Deth (Demo)
10. Mechanix (Demo)
11. The Skull Beneath The Skin (Demo)

Дейв Мастейн: Вокал, соло и ритм-гитары
Дэвид Эллефсон: Бас-гитара
Крис Поланд: Соло-гитара
Гар Сэмьюэлсон: Ударные

Loud Records, февраль 2002


1. The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Death From Within
5. Bullet To The Brain
6. Post American World
7. Poisonous Shadows
8. Conquer Or Die!
9. Lying In State
10. The Emperor
11. Foreign Policy

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