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1. Sudden Death
2. Public Enemy No. 1
3. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
4. We The People
5. Guns, Drugs, & Money
6. Never Dead
7. New World Order
8. Fast Lane
9. Black Swan
10. Wrecker
11. Millennium Of The Blind [TH1RT3EN]
12. Deadly Nightshade
13. 13

Дейв Мастейн: Вокал, соло и ритм-гитары
Дэвид Эллефсон: Бас-гитара
Шон Дровер: Ударные
Крис Бродерик: Соло-гитара

Дата выхода: 1 ноября 2011

Sudden Death

His wicked Highness, born from disaster, to dominate and to kill
A glistening, murder-machine; false majesty, standing perfectly still
A blitzkrieg; raining down evil on a mountain of black ice
Like a good ole fashioned beating within Inches of your life

Alone and left abandoned with the sentence you've been handed
All your angels will ignore you as your life flashes before you
Even still you keep on fighting through the thunder and the lightning
And now Heaven sends its love your sudden death from above

Once frozen like a prisoner depraved, perched high atop the lithospheres
Set free from beneath the depths of hell, bequeathing man nothing but despair
The beast is genetically programmed, time to destroy, time to go berserk
To see the end of all wars, to see the end of the earth

Stopping at nothing, punch-drunk from the blood that he's tasted
Tearing your soul apart, not one bit of your pain will be wasted
Now death descends upon you like a bloody white dove
Bringing your retribution, your sudden death from above


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine

Public Enemy No. 1

Public enemy number one
Jail break and a smoking gun
You won't believe the things I've done
And the killing is just for fun

Public enemy number one
A stolen car and I'm on the run
Through the night till the rising sun
And the trouble has just begun

Roses on your grave
I'll be on my way
There's no time to stay
With the enemies I've made

I'm invincible
You might say despicable
Punishment's reciprocal
Public enemy number one

I'm unbeatable
My mind is untreatable
Crimes unrepeatable
Public enemy number one

Public enemy number one
Watch the authorities come undone
With every stand-off that I've won
Flirting death just for fun

Public enemy number one
Born a fugitive father's son
Another heist of a bank is done
And the trouble has just begun


The posters say I'm wanted "Dead or Dead"
Anyone who's tried got a bullet to the head


Public Enemy (repeat 4x)

Lyrics & Music - Mustaine, Johnny K

Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)

Ooh, you're just in time to get inside my head
Ooh, the war of words you're underneath my skin

You hate the way I wear my clothes
You hate my friends and where we go
I see you in the shadows

You think you know what's best for me
You hate everything you see in me
Have you looked in a mirror?

Hey! Just whose life is this anyway?
You tell me how to live, but who asked you anyway
Hey! Just whose life is this anyway?
Cost so much more than the price I ain't going pay

You only point out fault; anxiety attack
You running your mouth, you stab me in my back


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine


We The People

Secret bureaucracy, it's just a lie
The devil's henchmen, in suit and tie
A sacred brotherhood; an ancient rite
Politicians and the double lives they hide

Violate your rights, no more equality
Surrender freedom, your Social Security
We, the people face unconstitutional lies
In greed we trust, in revolution we die

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves
The land of liberty needs a regime change
Until you no longer know right from wrong
The constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on


Screams from the future, warn of calamity
The coming plagues of the new disease
The illuminati, one world currency
One world religion, one World everything


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine, Johnny K

Guns, Drugs, & Money

Drinking cold cerveza in a boiling hot saloon
Chasing shots of tequila, just about high noon
Outside Nuevo Laredo, deep in no man's land
Become a killer or be killed; face down in the Rio Grande

Poverty will turn the life of any good man bad
All love and mercy ever learned, he'll soon forget what he had

Guns, drugs, and money under the Mexican sky
Guns, drugs, and money; pick your poison or you die
Guns, drugs, and money; a pistol pressed to his head?
Choose silver and you're rich; you gonna die if you choose lead

He had a suitcase full of money, plenty of ammo for his gun
The sweat rolls down his dirty face, his plans have all come undone
It's just a matter of time, no matter how he tries
He hears "Plata O Plomo, Gringo?" the last words before he dies


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine, Johnny K

Never Dead

Killers lie in wait for innocent blood
To swallow alive some harmless souls
Walking a crooked path, their wicked names will rot

Evil lives in the dark, its right is doing wrong
The torment never ends . . . it never ends

The fire that burns inside
That's blistering their brains
That makes them sacrifice
That's driving them insane

Trapped in this "no man's land"
Where angels dare to tread
Forever banned to the realms
Of the Never Dead

There's no one trust from this grave
Die with those they swear to defend
Feeding on the ones they'll feed off in the end

Evil lives in the dark, its right is doing wrong
The torment never ends . . . it never ends


Death sits before you, to press on is suicide
Life spills out of your body, you wither and die
For the rest of your life in the realms of the Never Dead


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine

New World Order

Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass
New World Order will hold the mass

A book written by man
Used to control and command
All rights will be denied
Without the mark you shall die

No confession, all is known
New World Order, you shall be shown

Monitoring all wages
New World Order comes in stages
Currency is obsolete
Feel the agony of defeat

A symbol of society today
A must have or you shall pay
As humans, flesh leads the mind
Just a pawn, the last martyr dies


Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass
A New World Order, complete disorder
Will hold the mass

Lyrics - Mustaine, Menza
Music - Mustaine, Friedman, Ellefson


Fast Lane

You don't know what I feel, I get behind the wheel
A feeling in my soul
I hyperventilate as I accelerate
Till I've lost all control

My speed becomes relentless
Contesting all my senses
White line appearing faster
Prompting death and disaster

My supersonic machine
Get out of my...

Fast lane, like a jet plane
Like a freight train, I'm driving insane
Addicted to the fast lane
Rushing to my brain
No time to explain, this is my domain
Addicted to the fast lane

I look into mirror, red lights are drawing nearer
They think I've met my match
But I shift into high gear, soon they just disappear
You can't jail what you can't catch

I hear the engines screaming
I'm burning up the...


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine, Johnny K


Black Swan

I thought a desire worth any pleasure
Could never really be a sin in vain
A hundred and one shots of opportunity
I'd gladly take them all again, and again, and again

My angels left me with sorrows all my own
And now I'm here with the devil all my own

Just like a churchyard shadow creeping after me
Its only there to terrify my mind, a black swan keeps haunting me

I promised on my soul not to get carried away
It always starts out psychedelic and then it turns to black
My head starts swaying; I forgot what was it I was saying?
I don't know where I am and I'll never, never make it back

I sealed my fate, and I paid my debt; I fell from grace with deep regret


There's nothing left to see, there's nothing left of me

Music & Lyrics - Mustaine



It doesn't matter what car you drive, she'll wreck it
It doesn't matter where you sleep at night, she'll wreck it
It doesn't matter where you go to work
Doesn't matter where you go to church
Doesn't matter just how bad it hurts, she'll wreck it

My bleached bones in the desert, it's all she's left of me

Poison ivy in your touch, being with you destroyed so much
Home wrecker
Deadly venom in your kiss, hell can't be worse than this
Home wrecker

It doesn't matter what you pretend, she'll wreck it
It doesn't matter what you defend, she'll wreck it
It doesn't matter how you live your life
Doesn't matter anymore to your wife
Doesn't matter even how you die, she'll wreck that too

Like a vulture picking my bones clean, it's all that's left of me

Poison ivy in your touch, being with you destroyed so much
Home wrecker
Deadly venom in your kiss, hell can't be worse than this
Home wrecker

It doesn't matter where you live
It doesn't matter what you drive
Home wrecker


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine

Millennium Of The Blind [TH1RT3EN]

Line up all of you and turn in your eyes
You just won't need them anymore
And your mind is ours to do with what we please
Everything you own and everything you need

Sacrifice you leaders; like it or not
Or else you're going down with the ship; death on the rocks

Blind follow; blind lead
All our hopes and dreams, washed out to sea

All your money's ours to bankroll corrupt wars
You can't see what you're fighting for
Trust your leaders as they send you out to die
The true face of evil can't be seen without eyes

At the start of time; many centuries ago
Came the spawning of Christ and the Antichrist
And darkness fell upon our people
And the children, they were born faceless
Without eyes they could not see
Born unto themselves; they lived and they died
In the Millennium of the Blind

Music - Mustaine, Friedman, Johnny K
Lyrics - Mustaine, Johnny K


Deadly Nightshade

Come now my lovely, won't you
Take a midnight stroll with me?
Through the misty air the things
I keep I shouldn't dare

My garden's so inviting, and its
Deadly blooms are hiding
Be careful what you touch
Lest the grave is what you lust

Draw the blinds, you're getting tired
Paralyzed, don't close your eyes
Gripped with fear, your dreams become nightmares
From the Deadly Nightshade

Each night at midnight
Dating back into the fog of time
Another victim falls
The things I've done; the voices call

The Hourglass runs out on us
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The killers must be fed, the soil is red
Now that you're dead

Chorus x2

Delirium - your burning throat
Mania - your heart rate soars
Hallucination - you're losing your mind
Suffocation - cannot breathe; you're going blind

Chorus x2

Lyrics & Music - Mustaine



Thirteen times I went to the well
To draw my thoughts, I'll gather and tell
Like bricks that I've laid to build my life
Those that crumbled only caused me strife

Thoughts became words, cast into the sea
But they returned, always haunting me
Like a severed arm washed up on the shore
I just don't think I can give anymore

Because I've lived, how many times do I have to die?
Because I've lived, how many lives do I have to die?

Thirteen times and it's been lucky for me
After everything, you still want me to bleed
Thirteen ways to see the devil in my eyes
Because I stood here thirteen times and I'm still alive

At thirteen I started down this path
Fueled with anger, music was my wrath
Years of clawing at scars that never healed
Drowning my mind, the thoughts are too real


I can't get out; I can't jump out
Too much to face; I can't erase


Lyrics & Music - Mustaine, Johnny K


1. The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Death From Within
5. Bullet To The Brain
6. Post American World
7. Poisonous Shadows
8. Conquer Or Die!
9. Lying In State
10. The Emperor
11. Foreign Policy

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