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Some Lady: Hello?
Gene: Hello, is, uh... Dave there?
Some Lady: Which Dave?
Gene: Um, Dave Mustaine?
Some Lady: Yeah, hold on...
Dave: Hello?
Gene: Hello, Dave?
Dave: Yeah.
Gene: It's Gene from MSE, what's up?
Dave: Oh, what's up, Gene?
Gene: Uh, how was the show?
Dave: It was great!
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: Fuck, it was great!!!
Gene: Did you fuckin devastate, um, Frisco?
Dave: I don't know. Why don't you wait and hear it through the grapevine.
Gene: Uh, yeah?
Dave: I thought I did pretty good.
Gene: That's great. How's the band looking?
Dave: Oh, it's heavy.
Gene: Oh yeah?
Dave: Fuckin real heavy.
Gene: Oh, that's great.
Dave: We still gotta locate another guitar player; we have a few people in mind.
Gene: That's good... How was the crowd reaction?
Dave: Oh, shit...
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: I don't know; I though, I got goosebumps kind of, ya know. After the second song, they were chanting "Megadeth!" and then, uh, after the seventh song, we went off for our encore, right?
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: And I'm sitting offstage and I hear this "Kirk Hammett sucks! Kirk Hammett sucks! Kirk Hammett sucks!" and they're chanting "Kirk Hammett sucks," right?
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: And I couldn't stand it, I fuckin come running out on stage again, I grab the mic and I say "yeah, I think he fuckin sucks too!!!****" ( hahaha ) and it went down really well.
Gene: Oh, that's great.
Dave: The first night wasn't too smooth because, you know, it was our first gig and we had a couple of problems. But the second night was just like, I mean it was so smooth. The first three bands really sucked shit.
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: Real bad. It was "Black Leopard", then a band called "Reckless" with a girl singer that really reaked, and then a band called "Trouble" that was alright, but the bass player knew he was up against Junior, so he was, you know, really trying to act hot shit.
Gene: Yeah.
Dave: And then, uh, some friends of ours from down here in LA were trying to get to relocate to San Francisco too, uh, they opened up for us, and as far as we're concerned, we're the only two ands on the whole bill. So they opened up for us and they went down really well, and then we came out and it was like all over.
Gene: What did you think of Trouble?
Dave: uhhh, they... I didn't really get a chance to hear them too well, but uh, I didn't hear too much of them. I thought they were a bit slow, but of course, coming from me, anything would be a bit slow, except for, perhaps, Pump and GBH or something.
Gene: Yeah. Did you, um, well... We're dying for you over here on the East Coast. We need some fuckin metal, none of this fuckin "Kill'Em All" bullshit. Slow and all; that's what we... these songs are slow and all.
Dave: God, you gotta hear this shit; it's like armageddon's here.
Gene: Yeah.
Dave: You know, I came out and I've got like this, uh, bandelerro of machine gune bullets, and I wore like three of those things, and I've got like hand grenades hooked to them and all this shit, and uh, we came out, and first, since it was our second gig, we were still kind of green with everything...
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: And, um, I'm standing out there on the stage trying to check all my wireing so that, you know, cause our road crew's still kind of green too, since we just got together. And we're using a massive equipment setup so we really had to go over everything twice. But I'm standing out there and some idiot pulled the curtain up and a bunch of people saw that I was out on stage, so everybody starts yanking on the curtain. So the club pulled the curtain all the way up so that it wouldn't get ripped off the poles, you know? And so we went through the whole intro tape with the curtains open and I was standing there, and people were just fuckin freaking out. It went down pretty well from what I heard.
Gene: That's great. Are you still... Is David Ellefson still your bass player or is he gone?
Dave: Yeah, he's still in here.
Gene: That's what I figured, but I, um, someone I knew told me he wasn't in the band any more and I said, you know, "that's not right."
Dave: No way. Dave Ellefson and me are like, ya know, a hand and a glove. We got a new drummer now named Lee Rauch.
Gene: Oh yeah?
Dave: And, uh, we got a guitarist named Kerry King from Slayer. We still really want the guy in the band, although his dedication is really not too happening.
Gene: Oh?
Dave: Because he went along just for the ride, this time ya know? And he's into the Slayer image, which I think is quite poseur, myself. You know, he tells me how heavy I am and how I influenced him and everything, and you'd think he'd want to play with us; we kill Slayer.
Gene: Yeah, yeah. Oh, there's just so much going on. What are some of the new songs you're doing?
Dave: Well, uh, to make it really quick... I gotta get back to work...
Gene: Yeah, I don't want to...
Dave: To make it really quick, the song titles if you can catch them in a rambling sort of setup... The first one's an instrumental, it's called "Hook In Mouth" ( then to his boss ) I'll make this real fast; he's calling all the way from New York.
Gene: I don't want to get you in trouble.
Dave: No, it's my boss; she's great, she'll let me talk for a minute or two.
Gene: Oh. What do you do, are you still doing phone surveys?
Dave: ( to boss again ) It's from New York, OK? I swear to god I'll stay after. ( back to Gene ) OK. The first song is an instrumental, it's called "Hook In Mouth." And then our second number is "Burnt Offerings", which a nuclear. Um... The third song is "Chosen Ones," then the fourth one is "Skull Beneath The Skin;" it's about our logo and our backdrop and, you know, everything that we're going to use for the cover and shit. And our fourth song is "Looking Down the Cross;" it's about Jesus getting hung up on the post. And then, the fifth one is "Loved To Deth..." wait, wait... did I already do that one? Chosen Ones, Down The Cross, Skull Beneath The Skin... The fifth one is Looking Down The Cross, did I tell you that one?
Gene: Yeah.
Dave: Sixth one is "Loved To Deth;" its about killing my girlfriend... I figured since she won't let me have her, I don't want nobody to have her, so I killed her.
Gene: Oh, that's cool.
Dave: And then our seventh song is the last song of the set, it's called "Next Victim," it's about Russian roulette; splattering your blunt brains across the wall, you know?
Gene: Oh, that's great.
Dave: And then we go off... and that's how the live tape is going to turn out; we went off and they started chanting the "Kirk Hammett sucks," and then, um, we came back on and we did... uh... it's like a bass guitar instrumental thing where I just haul ass and Dave just follows me, it's called Quicksand. And then we go strait into a song that's kind of about a demonic ritual called "Bad Omen," and then we go into a song called "Devil's Island" that makes Alcatraz up there in San Francisco look like a fucking sandbox. ( hahaha ) And then after that we go off for our second encore and then I come back out and I diddle around a bit with the beginning of Jump In The Fire and then go into "The Mechanix" off of the "No Life Til Leather" demo, exactly that way, none of this "Four Horsemen" wimp shit.
Gene: Yeah, yeah.
Dave: And then we do our anthem to the headbangers called Rattlehead...
Gene: Oh, that's great.
Dave: And that's it and then we're off to screw!
Gene: OK, that's great, just two more questions. You ever keep in touch with that guy Hugh Tanner?
Dave: Kind of.
Gene: Oh. Cause I remember he wrote some of the songs and he never got credit for them.
Dave: Yeah, he wrote "Hit The Lights" and he wrote "Motorbreath."
Gene: Right. And second thing is, I keep on hearing from Sheila; she keeps on writing me letters that she's handling your club. And I know...
Dave: She's not. Brian Louis's handling our fan club.
Gene: Yeah, yeah. Well hey, listen Dave... Keep thrashing to Megadeth, huh?
Dave: Hey man, I swear as soon as we get something together, it'll be out there because we want to get raged over there... because everybody in the Bay Area is just bleedig Megadeth and everybody's totally freaking out. They're telling us how we killed Metallica... I want to get it back there; I personally want the live tape that says "Kirk Hammet sucks" to get back there, and I want Lars and those guys to hear them chanting "Megadeth" after the second song, you know? That'll kind of geve them a slap in the face ( hahaha ).
Gene: Definately, definately. Gotta come out here and tour.
Dave: We're going out there this summer.
Gene: Oh, that's great.
Dave: Yeah, we might be signing with Johnny Z.
Gene: Yeah?
Dave: Maybe. It depends on what he has to offer us, cause he's fucked a lot of bands.
Gene: Yeah. If you were going to tour with somebody, who would you want to tour with?
Dave: Who would we want to tour with? Fucking Mercyful Fate.
Gene: Yeah? Great. OK, listen Dave, I'm gonna keep in touch. You're still at 6022 Romaine, #8?
Dave: Uh huh.
Gene: OK, I'm going to write you a letter and shit.
Dave: Yeah, we'll send some more rage pages out to you, let you know how the band's doing.
Gene: Alright, thanks a lot, huh?
Dave: Alright, you take care, Gene.
Gene: OK, keep thrashing.
Dave: I will, man.
Gene: Take care.
Dave: Alright, bye
Gene: Bye.



1. The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Death From Within
5. Bullet To The Brain
6. Post American World
7. Poisonous Shadows
8. Conquer Or Die!
9. Lying In State
10. The Emperor
11. Foreign Policy

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